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Im an crazy nut cast for music i love Music i let in on something about me My Favorite Group of all Time is Nsync yeah Nsync. Fave Rock those bad boys of Blink 182 and the writing genuis of Dave Mathews Band i am an crazy person who don't love one music i love a lot.

"Who love the skippy peanut Butter" Mark Hoppus of Blink 182
" All you need is all you wanted all you need is love" Dave Mathews Band Everyday
" Bizzy D married me hehehe just kidding see the part of my site that totally not about Haley just for me to joke around talk about my favorite music i like in this day and age
Ant Ant Farm- Movies
Ant Ant Farm- Smooth Criminal
All Star Tribute- What Going On
Blink 182- Stay Together For The Kids
Blink 182- First Date
Blink 182- Rock Show
Sum 41- In Too Deep
Sum 41 Fat Lip
Train- Something More
Train- Drops Of Jupiter
Wezzer- Island In Sun
Incbus- I Wish You Were here
Linkin Park- In The End
Linkin Park- Crawling
Linkin Park- One Step Closer To The Edge
U2-Get Your Self Together
2Get+Her Hardest Part Of Breaking Up
Bsb- Drowing
Bsb-The One
Bsb- As Long As You Love Me
Bsb- I want It That Way
Bsb- The Call
Bsb all Albums
Otown- We Fit Together
Otown- Liquid Dreams
Green Day- Mintory
Green Day- When I come around
Green Day- Warning
Green Day Macy Day Parade
No Doubt- Hey Baby
No Doubt- Ex Girlfriend
No Doubt- Bathwater
Rem- Man On The Moon
Rem- What The Fequency Kenneth
Rem- It The End Of The World As We Know It
Dave Mathews Band- I did it
Dave Mathews Band- Everywhere
Davd Mathews Band- The Space Between Us
Goldfinger- 99 Red Balloons
Goldfinger- This Lonely Place
Dreamstreet- It Happens Everytime
Dreamstreet- I say Yeah
Dreamstreet- Hooked On You
Dreamstreet- Gotta Get The Girl
Five For Fighting- Superman
Sugar Ray- Answer The Phone
Sugar Ray- Someday
Graig David- Fill Me In
Bbmak- Back Here
Bbmak- Still on your side
Aaron Carter- Not Too Youn Not too old
Aaron Carter- Aaron Party Come And Get It
Aaron Carter- Oh Aaron
The Moffats- Until You Love Me
The Moffats- Misery
The Moffats- Walking Behind
Hanson- If Only
Hanson- Runaway
Hanson- Mmmbop
Hanson- River
Own three of there album they are all good.
Calling-Where Ever You Go
Moby- Southside
Smash Mouth-All Star
Smash Mouth Pacfic Coast Party
Lfo- Every Other Time
Scene 23??????
Linkin Park- Papercut
Sum 41- Rythmns
Linkin Park-Runaway
Offspring-Defy You
Foo Fighters-0ne
Offspring-Kids Aren't Alright
Offspring- Original Prankster
Sum 41- makes no difference
Take 5- Shake It Off
Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight
Dave Mathews Band - Crash
Green Day- Time Of Your Life
Green Day- Wellcome To Paradise
Lfo- Girl On Tv
OMD-If You Leave
The Monkees- Were The Monkees
Hoku- Perfect Day
Rem- Sugar Cane
Rem- Shiny Happy People]
Rem- Losing My Religion
Beastie Boys- Intergalic
Creed-My Sacfic