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Dec 1,2001
What ever you like about haley send to me on the feebacks page and i post your answer up here!
Add some more question to answer about Haley Joel Osment
Dec 5,2001
Add more picture on A.I page and Pay it Foward Pages and more haley news and stuff check it out! Add 15 general pics thanks to the haley empire.
There are currently 81 pictures more to be added soon.
Dec 12,2001
Add an store to buy Haley Stuff and more links
Dec 20,2001
Major update
Add 16 more pictures to the site so now we have 97 pictures of haley add more banner of aaf love them got an banner of anything email it i really like haley banner for the front page of the site home page. I be updated more frequently early Merry Christmas to all of you out there hope you enjoy your hristmas i will i be spending with family at home.

Younger Years

Dec 31,2001
Add more feeback and more people fave actors and more updated stuff so please check the site it going to be my most updated site to the ds fans i won't be updated that site much this the updated one keep send your feeback have an good new year.

December 31,2001
Added More photos find and add as many as tripod will let me so please keep more photos to be added

Coming soon
Page 9
Page 10
Of photos
More stuff soon~

January 4,2002
Somebody gots to update that me love ya Haley Joel osment too so what up so check page 6 and page 8 more pix's add and add more of your respond to fave actors hehehe keep coming back your visit is well treasured.
Feb 4,2002
had to i see rite threw your fake Haley Joel Osment
add more feeback.
Feb 17,2002
it been a long time i change the background i am so busy i will hardly updated this site i am working rite now on sum 41 site and orlando bloom site.
Feb 28,2002
Like the new layout i am making it better i hope to updated this more often add more question to fave actors and i also adding more pictures so check back cause i am trying to updated more and please please sign the guestbook if you love Haley Joel Osment
March 18,2002
It an late updated just change the layout agina sorrie i been buzy to updated the site well keep visiting it and vote for it i got other stuff i am working on right i try to get an updated late
Edward Furlong Rocks
May 9,2002
I am sorrie for not updating much i am busy but here my updated
add an letter to mailbag.  Add more of your fave actors and lastly more Feeback.
please don't email your phone numbers or where you lived cause Idon't know haley joel osment at all.
Please be an angel and sign my guestbook please.
May 26,2002 I updated too late shame add more favorite actor add my homepage you ought check it out. July 14,2002 Add more Haley Feedback to the page. Sept 19.2003 Finally updated this site looks good huh?