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My lil sister!

My name is lisa
I lived in Blink 182 House i won't be out until i am done j/k i lived in california.
Im in the school known as college
Age 19 and so what is to anyone there.
My Fave Haley Movie : Sixth Sense and Pay It Forward.
Fave Soda Cola
Fave Food Chill Cheese Fries
Fave Actor: Hayden Christersen and the "Lord Of The Rings Guys"
Fave Group Phantom Planet
I played the piano, Gutiar and i sing a little.
Fave tv show Gilmore Girls Jamie Kennedy Experience.
Our Darkest hours add links soon.
My free time is working on this haley site i support haley.
I love to go out to the mall and just hang there.
that all hey that all.

Current Spin what i am listening to.

\~Current Spins~ of an college girl./ more coming soon!