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(Haley Joel Osment)
Age 13 has seen a lot of
more fame them most thirteen years being all ready nonimated for an oscar for best supporting actors. Haley Career started early in 1988 when he was born he was in Murphy Brown he became bigger once he hit the sictom scene he
did "Thuder Alley" Of course that last about 2
years then after that He Did an another sitcom"JeffFoxyworth Show" But his hugest break came in 1999 when he did the sixth sense in the "Sixth Sense he play Cole an boy who can
see dead people. Then of course he went to do "Pay It Forward" in 2000 which star also Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. Then reccently he did A.l with Jude Law.
What Ahead in the future For Haley Joel Osment
"Edge Of The Lord". We be seen more of this star in the future to come.
Written by haleyoriginalclub

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