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Name Lisa anne
Age 19
Birthday Nov 22,1982
School College yes i am going to College !
Favorite Movie Sixth Sense and Cider House
Favorite Tv show Macolm In The Middle and Gilmore Girls
Born in La(Yes!)
Favorite Food anything good:^)
Favorite music groups Dreamstreet, Bsb,Nsync,Lfo and much more!
Bestest Friend Marica Medrano
Fave actor duh Frankie Muniz,Haley Joel Osment,Seth Green,Ryan Merriman,Ryan Gosling,Ryan Phillipe,and Jared Packill(spelled wrong but it understandable he from Gilmore Girls
Favorite type of pop and rocks that fast!
That all your get out of me because i don't want to put up too much on me :^) you can contact at lisagiberti@hotmail.com