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~~~My Thoughts Haley thoughts~~~
Ya i know i am older than Haley but if you see "The Sixth Sense you seen he an very good performs duh i have on Dvd it really good because the picture come out so well you know why dunno i mean i am not out to profess my love for haley i am just an another fan of his of course do i manged try to make the biggest site it just an basic site of your on Haley i don't plan to make it all html and java like a professional site just a simple easy to make site if I do any more Html I never understand it. Oh Yeah I see Dead People j/k i don't Haley can hehehe. Anyways what is this site about the Oh Haley Joel Osment if you haven't seen his movie he is talented beside the fact that he won numeous award and he was nominated for an oscar what more could he is smart and talent actor. He get an 4.0 in school he is so smart and he in the 8th grade. I am 19 years old in college i guess not much people my age would do an site on him can you imagine an college girl looking up Haley Joel Osment on Yahoo telling her friend luckly my friend don't care what i do as long as I am still little old Lisa who there for them.
It cool I think some one my age finds his talent well worth to make an site on beside i see so many site they are all good we just need to have more site out there.
I really ain't into one actor really oh my you ought to see "Luck Of The Irish Men" It was it on Disney Zoog it an Ryan Merriman movie i yeah i am a Disney fan.
Why Haley Why Haley you thinking there is tons of Actors you can choose like Seth Green or Ryan Phillipe exe.... He an talented actor i decided to do an site on him because i like movie sixth sense an lot wanted to do own my site on Haley too but then your thinking yeah but he not too famous oh quite the opposite there is an lot of fans of his so your wrong i could do on Seth Green but then you seen the movies he did before nothing noteworthy.
Still left hanging I just wanted to wanted to have an site out there to put to give showcase his talents and i wanted to promote it to the older fans of Haley Joel Osment i wanted to have like an safe haven for all the fans of Haley Joel Osment who are older and think that all the younger fans like him your wrong there are other fans who are older and liking him I am one.~ Haley Original Club Webmaster
If your any older fan don't fret you can send me your feedback i would love to post it up on my feedback page and stuff any fan any age i am supporting you too i am just the older fan don't have to feel bad because they are a lot of us out there.